Steve Ashworth


Steve Ashworth Photographer/Film maker:



Taking the advice to shoot what you are passionate about and running with it, Steve's focus is on working with events, brands and athletes that share a passion for being in the great outdoors.  Shooting some of the toughest races out there in some of the most challenging environments and working with athletes and brands that have made these places their home, allows Steve to combine the skills developed from a lifetime in the mountains with a drive to be creative. Being able to share experiences and inspire people to have their own adventures and to look after these wild places is a very important theme in Steve's work.



After leading walking holidays in the Alps and Nepal and working for the National Trust in Langdale Steve spent 5 years running web content and online marketing in the outdoor industry. This industry experience allows Steve to work closely with his clients in order to generate content and tell stories that will engage with and inspire their audience.